Less House. More Connection.

Author Marc Vassallo shares some thoughts behind the book:

"When I moved with my wife and son into 950-sq.-ft. house in Seattle ten years ago, I discovered something that had eluded me in the much larger house we left behind in Connecticut, and in a farmhouse we built in the Blue Ridge mountains before that, and in an apartment my wife and I shared as newlyweds in Colorado many years ago.

I discovered that a small house in a densely settled, walkable city neighborhood offered me by far the best opportunity I’d ever had to connect with my neighbors and to forge genuine relationships with them, something I hadn’t realized I lacked until I found it."

Family Compound_03

Hitting the Sweet Spot

"Little city houses are not as minimalist as tiny houses, not as removed from the land as apartments, not as demanding of time and attention as big houses, and not as far from downtown or as dependent on cars as a place in the suburbs. For people who love both houses and urban living—particularly single people, young couples, small families, empty-nesters, and (with ADUs) extended family members—a little city house hits the sweet spot."


Your Home is Your Neighborhood

"With a little city house, everything you need is decidedly not in your house. Rather, you’re allowing your neighborhood and your city to become extensions of your home. My house in Seattle may be small, but my home doesn’t stop at the front porch or even at the front gate. It includes sidewalk garden beds, the street, the neighborhood, and the whole city, all near at hand."


The Joys of Smallness

"There are economic, social, and, environmental virtues to living in a small city house. There are also pleasures: the pleasure of less housework; the pleasure of a small yard; the pleasure of a walkable neighborhood; the aesthetic pleasure of smallness itself. In a small city house, you’ll probably be in a denser neighborhood, so you’ll also be closer to your neighbors. I think this may be the best reason of all to live in a little house in the city."