Seattle Times
October 12, 2018

Celebrating the joys of living smaller
Seattle author's new book 'Little House in the City' - and a just-the-right-size home for twin sisters in Wallingford - answers a question of space



"Dense, walkable urbanism is where it's at, and the small, smart, and stylish single-family homes featured in Little House in the City can help deliver it. As the need for more flexible, affordable, and sustainable housing solutions gets ever more pressing, we should all be advocating, as Marc Vassallo does so eloquently here, for better design not bigger footprints. I'd happily live in any house featured in Little House in the City―such an inspiration."

– Allison Arieff former Editor-in-Chief, dwell/contributing writer, The New York Times


"The urban age is also an age of living smaller and smarter. More and more of us want to live in smaller homes in diverse, vibrant urban neighborhoods. Whether you're searching for your own small city house or you're a mayor, urbanist, or real estate developer looking to understand how the growing urban class wants to live, Marc Vassallo's Little House in the City is a great place to start."

– Richard Florida, author of Rise of the Creative Class


"Little House in the City asks 'how much is enough' and powerfully demonstrates that less is often better."

– Denis Hayes, environmental advocate, coordinator of the first Earth Day


"To reap the full benefits of compact cities, we must build upward, not outward―but we also must ask more of single-family neighborhoods. Building smaller houses on smaller lots and, with ADUs, putting two houses on a lot that used to have just one adds density without diminishing neighborhood character. Little House in the City is as much about this necessary paradigm shift as it is about good home design."

– Alan Durning founder and executive director of Sightline Institute, author of Unlocking Home: Three Keys to Affordable Communities